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We at Gold Seal could never put this type of information together without the help of other dedicated pilots. Many people have contributed and they all deserve our gratitude. In particular we would like to thank the following people for providing data and images for the site:

Alex McMahon,
Bill LeFebvre, Brian Carroll,
Daniel Bloecher
, Jeff Jacobs, Jerry Plante, Jim Baker, Joe Ebert, Joe Pape, Markus Decker, Terry Shepherd.


The 172guide offers a large cross-section of information about the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Every model is thoroughly documented using data taken directly from the original Pilot Operating Handbooks (POH), Information Manuals, Airplane Flight Manuals, and Cessna Owner's Manuals. The site also offers free classified advertising for pilots buying or selling Cessna 172 airplanes, as well as weight and balance calculations and flight planning. The Library contains a wide range of articles of interest to Cessna 172 pilots and owners. It also includes links to major organizations such as the Cessna Pilot's Association (CPA) as well as direct links to the FAA for Cessna 172 Airworthiness Directives (AD).

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