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Cessna 172 Airworthiness Directives (AD)
FAA AD Advisory Circular 39-7C

Cessna 172 Safety High Lights from AOPA
Lubricants and 172 Moving Parts
Issues with Electric Flaps
Getting Annualed Without Getting Reamed
Special Inspection Checks You Can Do Yourself
Knowing Your Nose Strut
Rigging: The Need for Speed
Stall Characteristics
Leaning Procedures
Symptoms of Common In-Flight Problems
Electrical Failures
Slipping With Flaps
Where and Where Not to Push
Fuel Fundamentals
The H2AD Engine - Special Considerations

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When May I Log PIC Time?
by Mark Kolber

Although this article isn't in the exclusive domain of Cessna 172 pilots, it does cover a question that repeatedly comes up. Pilots in general frequently misunderstand when they may, or may not, log flight time as PIC time. The "golden key" to understanding the rules of logging PIC is to keep in mind that the FAA treats "acting as pilot in command" and "logging pilot in command time" as completely different concepts.                              ...more

What Your Instructor Forgot
to Tell You.

by Lanny Strickland

On this page you will find a variety of articles written by professionals in aviation. Each is free to all readers of The172Guide. Do you have some information to share with interested Cessna pilots? Help to spread your knowledge by submitting articles to this page. Each is bylined to you and linked to your email or website. The Skyhawk has long been ...more

Doing the Shimmy
by Leonard Bruce

Topics for articles can range from maintenance tips to flying technique. But all should have special relevance to the Cessna 172. Your article here will help you to achieve recognition as well as create traffic for your own website. Take advantage of this opportunity and                                      ..more


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